Voice Lessons

Located in Music City USA, Randy Craft has become one of the most sought after voice coaches in the Nashville area. He possesses a passion for teaching that very few other voice teachers possess. What sets Randy apart is his vast knowledge of the scientific approach to singing. Knowing how the anatomy of the human body works to form sound, Randy quickly gets results from his students - expanding range, ease, and style. But don't worry, you don't have to know anything about what your muscles are doing, because Randy has a talent for manipulating your voice into working properly with out you even knowing what's happening.

When Studying with Randy you can expect to see amazing results fast. Students often find themselves singing up to an octave higher after their first session!! Versed in many styles, Randy can help you discover the artist inside that is dying to come out.

The Technique

Randy's philosophy on teaching singers is based on the de-pressurisation of the vocal folds.  If a singer can't make sound without causing their muscles to tense up and go haywire, then there is a serious issue.  Once the pressure on the vocal chords have been alleviated of harmful pressure, then a singer breaks down the wall and can make endless amounts of stylistic vocal choices they otherwise wouldn't have been able to do.

Randy's goal is to never change an artists style, but to actually make them sound more like them self.